Rock | Alternative

Rock | Alternative

Deep, Edgy Rock Sound…

Big Fat Image Voice is some serious raw voice power for your Rock, Alternative or AAA station.Delivering everything from that big voice sound, to comedy and parody voice parts, to some straight up, no frills killer voice over. No more kiddy-pop DJ’s trying to sound like a big man. This is the real deal. A voice to make it right. A sound that when your listeners crank your station in their oversized trucks, their packages will undoubtedly get bigger. Now that’s a voice.

Dave Pettitt, the voice behind the Big Fat Image is heard on hundreds of spots across North America. He is an authority on voiceover with over 15 years in the business. With an extraordinary production team, your voice over imaging projects can be completed with either flawless raw voice parts, or mind-blowing imaging packages.

Let’s make some little rock babies together.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Rock Imaging Demo